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The Power of Family Philanthropy
by Ellen Remmer, published January 13, 2010
From A family’s Guide to Wealth: Insights from Thought Leaders and Pioneers

Allianz Life Legacy Study

The Allianz Life Legacy Study was performed to help families and their advisors better understand the issues that surround the passing the values, assets and wealth between generations. These select articles are from the study.

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The Study: Fast Facts

The results of a survey of over 2,500 boomers and elders to identify the hopes, fears, priorities and motivations related to the passing of values, assets and wealth between generations. 180 Kb pdf »

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The 7 Myths of Legacy Planning

From the Allianz American Legacies Study, the seven myths that plague wealthy families and have the potential to create the ‘shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves’ in three generations phenomena. 184 Kb pdf »

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The 4 Pillars of Legacy

A true legacy is much more than leaving your money behind. To engage in a meaningful conversation with family members that will result in shared outcomes and be representative of each family member’s point of view, we suggest you discuss each of the four pillars of legacy. 201 Kb pdf »

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Values, Not Valuables

Baby boomers and elders view the concepts of legacy and inheritance differently. According to the study, a true legacy is a combination of emotional and financial elements, while an inheritance is purely financial. The difference is clear and there is little evidence of an agreed way to approach either. 209 Kb pdf »

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The Ideal Legacy Advisor

The study finds that both baby boomers and elders favor positive personality traits over fiscal knowledge when it comes to choosing a legacy advisor. Based on the survey, Oprah Winfrey topped the boomer’s list on who personifies the ideal planner, and Billy Graham was the elders’ favorite. See what else the survey found. 74 Kb pdf »