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Priceless Conversations™

Thoughtful reflection gives heirs a sense of the wholeness of your wealth and the financial decisions you make. Sharing those thoughts for future generations is a priceless way to leave a lasting legacy that will be cherished for generations.

What is a Priceless Conversation?

Using a handful of interesting questions and a digital recorder, we help you share and save the lessons and experience of your life. There’s no homework, no tedious research, no writing, and no camera. We help you turn a simple chat into a touching and lasting treasure.

The process is simple, practical and fun. Priceless Conversations can be individual, family, or group events.

How to Get Started

Ask for the Priceless Conversations audio CD, So Nice to Hear Your Voice, created by Scott Farnsworth and David Ward of Sunbridge. The inspirational stories are a reminder that at some time in the future, loved ones will yearn for your words of counsel and wisdom. You can leave them this gift as a lasting impression.

Explore Priceless Conversations Topics, which might be about giving, love, the meaning of money, pets, angels and heroes, turning points, success, tribute, or business building.

To learn more or to talk with us about recording a Priceless Conversation for your loved ones, please contact us.

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