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“Of the many investments our family has made in trying to preserve and enhance our family legacy, the decision to engage the Legacy Planning Associates team is likely to wind up being the best.

Family estate planning is laden with hurdles from all sides—founders, children, siblings, ex-spouses, step-children, nepotism, sloth, ambition, and so many more. But we found that Legacy Planning Associates are up to the task. The advice they provide is very individual and comes from proactive listening and wisdom.

As a team, Scott and Mary create a dynamic that typifies the old adage about the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. Caring, patient, discrete when required, yet perfectly able to offer constructive and wise criticisms and suggested courses of action when faced with seeming impasses.

The Legacy Planning Associates approach and level of experience and leadership is worth your time and money if you are in need of family estate planning.”
— Ed Verner, Plant City, FL

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