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Our Philosophy

We believe that hard core legal, tax and estate planning must be integrated with family virtues and values for a lasting legacy.

This is our story and our philosophy…

Scott Farnsworth

“As an estate planning attorney and Certified Financial Planner, I recognized that even when everything was done right in estate planning the vast majority of families did not successfully transition their wealth from one generation to the next.”

In 1998, Scott opened a new business training other attorneys and financial planners to take a values-based approach towards family planning. He understood that a family’s heritage, faith and life’s purpose were the foundation on which to shape future generations.

He taught that true wealth includes the human and intellectual assets that make up the family. He wanted advisors to recognize that when parents limit their focus to the family’s material assets only, there is little chance that the family wealth can last for long.

The concept quickly centered on forming a new legacy firm that would enable families to plan for both their assets and their family legacy. Scott realized the need for a personal and business coach with the same passion to connect and help people in more meaningful ways,—Mary Tomlinson.

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Mary Tomlinson

“It takes a trusted guide and a clear process to achieve the clarity crucial to building a family legacy that fulfills the family spirit as well as the financial plan.”

Mary’s passion is in connecting people in meaningful ways. During her 18-year career as a Disney executive and later as a personal coach and team development expert, Mary understands that corporations, teams and families are driven by the unique characteristics of each individual.

Whether in individual sessions, family meetings or on family retreats, Mary’s focus is taking the family on a journey of vision, values and clarity to transition the family dynamics to a successful structure for the family as a whole and for each of its individual members.

Ultimately in 2009, Scott and Mary decided to bring their talents and experience together in a collaboration that enables families to ensure successful wealth transitions.

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